Humanitarian Bowl wants UCLA

With Notre Dame's decision to not play in a bowl game, UCLA's chances of landing an at-large bowl berth are much better, though the Bruins may have to wait until Dec. 12 to get an invitation if they wants to stay in the region and play in the Humanitarian Bowl.

The Boise-based bowl wants UCLA, Humanitarian Bowl executive director Kevin McDonald told the Idaho Statesman this week.

UCLA is 6-6. All teams with winning records must be picked for at-large berths before bowls can consider .500 teams. Without 6-6 Notre Dame in the running, it appears the Bruins would be the first choice among 6-6 teams.

Two potential snags: Wisconsin must beat Hawaii today and Navy must beat Army on on Dec. 12.

UCLA is the Pac-10's seventh bowl-eligible team, but the conference only has six bowl contracts.