Edwards mocks BCS standings

The first BCS standings will be released this Sunday night, but here are ESPN.com's Brad Edwards's mock standings in advance of this weekend's games

Mock BCS standings

Through games of Oct. 12

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Clemson

4. Ohio State

5. Florida State

6. LSU

7. Texas A&M


9. Louisville

10. South Carolina

Obviously, good news for Oregon. And undefeated UCLA, ranked below two SEC teams with one loss, will move up if it beats Stanford on Saturday. Or Stanford will move into the top-10 with a win.

Obviously, these don't project what things might look like on Sunday because teams will move up or down depending on the weekend's results.

Also, it's important to note, Edwards said in an email, that one of the six BCS computers isn't available yet, so there are a few different ways to calculate the computer part of the formula.

Edwards also projects that the winner of the Florida State-Clemson game will be "comfortably ahead of Ohio State" in the first BCS standings.

He added, "It's possible that the winner could also be deceptively close to Oregon for the No. 2 spot, but that really depends on how the polls come out on Sunday."