What does loss say about Orgeron's future?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Ed Orgeron was the right man at the right time for the USC Trojans.

Taking over a beaten down team whose pride and morale had been completely drained three weeks ago, the interim coach gave them a much-needed respite and new life.

He told them to relax, he told them to have fun and he told them to play without a care in the world.

After winning his first game against the Arizona Wildcats, it was a feel-good story for a team that needed to feel good again.

But Saturday's 14-10 loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was a reminder that his time at the helm of the program, much like his title indicates, is only temporary.

Orgeron is that cool substitute teacher that lets students do everything they couldn't with the full-time instructor. He gives them cookies, takes them to the movies, lets them play their music and sends them home early.

Everybody loves that guy. Who wouldn't love that guy?

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