SEC surges in conference Power Rankings

The SEC widened its lead in ESPN.com's conference Power Rankings over the weekend, with the Big 12 eclipsing the ACC for No. 3.

The Pac-12, with UCLA and Oregon State taking losses and falling in the polls, remains No. 2, but it now trails the SEC by 11.5 points. The Big 12 moved up 2.5 points and now trails the Pac-12 by just 1.6 points.

ESPN Stats & Information’s 2013 conference Power Rankings are based off a formula that equally weighs the rankings from the AP poll and ESPN’s new Football Power Index (FPI) in order to determine the best and worst conferences in the country.

An explanation of the week's moves fro ESPN Stats & Information:

Despite two of its top four teams losing on Saturday, the Pac-12 remains the No. 1 conference in the Football Power Index. The Pac-12 has four of the top 10 teams in the FPI, a ratings system that measures overall team efficiency.

However, the SEC has a major edge in the portion of the conference power rankings that measures the AP Poll. Six of the top-15 teams in the AP Poll reside in the SEC, three more than in any other conference.

Elsewhere in the rankings, the Big 12 jumped ahead of the ACC for third place this week. Four of the Big 12’s 10 teams have one or fewer losses, most of any conference. Baylor and Texas are both unbeaten in conference play, which could result in a de facto Big 12 championship game in the final week of the season.

The ACC lost four points this week, which is as positive for Oregon. The Ducks want the ACC to look weak because that should bolster them when the BCS rankings -- pollsters, computers -- compare their resume to Florida State's.