Sarkisian on 'The Herd'

New USC coach Steve Sarkisian did an interview on ESPN radio with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday, and he had some interesting things to say.

You can list to the entire interview here.

Cowherd started by asking how Sarkisian felt addressing his now-former Washington players with the news of his departure to USC.

Sarkisian: "I've never been so nervous quite honestly. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. Something I hopefully don't have to do again."

Sarkisian admitted that it was "difficult" then addressing his new USC players, who were hoping that interim coach Ed Orgeron would be promoted. But he also added that the emotions should settle down as things move forward.

"They understand," he said. "They already are moving forward. A bunch of guys have been up in the office the last two days, coming to see me."

Sarkisian didn't talk specifics about his staff but he said that was his first priority. Then he needed to sit down with his new players and get to know them while also turning his attention to the Trojans recruiting class, which should include four midyear signees on Dec. 15.

Cowherd noted that some were skeptical or unimpressed with Sarkisian's hiring, to which Sarkisian laughed and pled ignorance. But on his feelings with folks doubting him, he said "I am an ultra-competitive human being. I have extreme belief in myself to go win at every level."

He then reiterated that he should be judged "three of four years from now."

Cowherd then asked if Sarkisian believes Orgeron, who immediately resigned upon Sarkisian's hiring, resents him.

"I don't know if he resents me," he said. "I think he wanted an opportunity to be the head coach here. Ed's a competitive human begin."

Sarkisian added that he planned to reach out to Orgeron, perhaps even on Wednesday.