Arizona's Rodriguez mocks proposed rule

What do you do if you have some free time and really, really don't like the proposed 10-second rule in college football?

If you're Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, you make fun of the rule in a YouTube video that spoofs the movie "Speed."

Rodriguez's starring role begins on a runaway city bus, where he is on a cell phone with a coach who is not officially identified as the coach of a school in Arkansas. From his lair in the "Old School Coach's Office," the villainous coach tells Rodriguez the rule is "for the safety of the players."

The comment visibly upsets Rodriguez and gives him a platform to give his real thoughts on the issue.

"Let's not distort the facts because of your personal agenda," Rodriguez said. "There's no evidence that shows that fast-paced offenses cause more injuries. In fact, there's less injuries with faster offenses."

Naturally, Sandra Bullock's character -- perhaps scared about how it will affect Hugh Freeze's offense at Ole Miss? -- is there to ask, "Why is all this happening?"

"I think there are some coaches that have a hidden agenda," Rodriguez tells her. "They want to slow the game down. They think fast-paced offenses lead to more injuries. There's no evidence of that at all that says that."

Channeling her inner Jim Harbaugh, Bullock's character responds, "What is this guy's deal?"

"I don't know. I just think they don't want to evolve the game. It's popular right now and they're holding college football for ransom," Rodriguez said. "It's a fundamental rule that we can go as fast as we can. People enjoy the game, they watch people, they want to see action. They don't want to see huddles, people holding hands and singing 'Kumbaya.'"

End scene.

The Wildcats opened spring practice Monday. The 2015 Academy Awards will be held Feb. 22.