UW's Petersen pulls an April Fools' funny

No one will ever confuse Chris Petersen’s comedic timing with that of a Rodney Dangerfield or Louis C.K., but give the new Washington coach props for trying.

Petersen pulled a fast one on his guys on Tuesday -- which happened to be April Fools' Day -- when he presented some new uniforms to his players during a team meeting. The new unis, complete with multiple block Ws, had a new logo and “Dawgs” written across the posterior. At least it didn’t say “Juicy.”

The players look apprehensive, if not underwhelmed, during the presentation. Then Petersen gives us the punchline -- telling his players to focus on the now. “What is now? It’s April Fools!”

You can hear collective relief from the players and thanks to deities. Don’t forget, this was one of the schools that brought us the Swagga Suit a couple of years ago.

For the presentation, Petersen gets a B. For the effort, the Pac-12 blog awards him four out of four Woofs.