Del Rio status remains unclear

Watch this video of Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio.

Lots of coachspeak. There's plenty of room in his statements for him to still become USC's next football coach.

On the other hand, he might not be willing to leave behind the $15 million left on his contract with the Jaguars to go to USC.

To get that money, he needs to get fired. The Florida Times-Union is reporting that won't happen.

Ergo: Del Rio remains in Jacksonville.

He's believed to be interested in the USC job -- too much chatter suggests he has at least raised an eyebrow -- but the time frame favors the Jaguars, who appeared to be on the fence about retaining Del Rio before Pete Carroll bolted to the Seattle Seahawks.

It's a little bit of a game of chicken between Del Rio and the franchise. The Jaguars might be hoping that the thought of coaching his alma mater would lure Del Rio west, which would save the struggling franchise money.

Del Rio is presently meeting with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver. We should get a clearer picture this afternoon.