Will Pac-10 close a good recruiting season with a flourish?

With just over a week until national signing day, the recruiting rankings look a lot like the late-season national rankings for the Pac-10: Lots of depth.

USC, at No. 10, is tops among six conference teams in the national top 25.

Recall that seven Pac-10 teams were ranked at some point last season and five were ranked in the final regular-season BCS standings.

Ah, but then also recall that only two were ranked after a woeful 2-5 bowl season.

So, the big question with the Pac-10 and recruiting is not unlike it was in the postseason: Can the conference close the deal?

Things are fairly fluid right now. A "commitment" doesn't mean much. For example:

Stanford, which had taken some recruiting hits of late, punched back at one of its victimizers, Notre Dame, by snagging an ESPNU 150 defensive end.

Oregon just grabbed a receiver previously committed to Washington.

Washington is trying to give Arizona that sort of treatment over a defensive tackle.

So don't take anything for granted. It's the signature on Feb. 3 that matters.

You can follow the plot twists here.

The biggest names remaining in play among Pac-10 teams on the ESPNU 150 are: