Shh ... USC and the NCAA are meeting behind me

TEMPE, Ariz. -- So it begins for USC, which walked into a meeting room inside this lovely resort at 10 a.m. ET for its day -- days -- in court with the NCAA infractions committee. The hearings could last through Saturday, and figure be draining, eight-hour days of quibbling.

It's not likely much of news value will emerge this weekend, but you never know. Which is why the Pac-10 blog is parked out here with Gary Klein of the LA Times, USC spokesperson James Grant and Stacey Osburn, the NCAA association director of public and media relations.

It's going to be sunny and 78 degrees in Tempe, by the way, so everyone is thrilled to be inside, huddled in the lobby of a conference center.

Some links to read in the meantime.