USC's infractions case is a long one

TEMPE, Ariz. -- You don't get much information out of NCAA folks during an infractions hearing, but David Price, the NCAA's vice president of enforcement, did enlighten reporters as to where USC's case stands, at least in terms of the time commitment this weekend.

He called the hearings "the longest in my 11 years" as an NCAA enforcement officer.

After two days inside a conference room, it's possible the hearings will extend into the night of Day 3, which means many participants will miss their outgoing flights. And it's possible not all business will be completed.

Considering the investigation began in 2006 after Yahoo! Sports reported Trojans running back Reggie Bush and his family were provided cash and gifts -- extra benefits -- by a pair of would-be sports agents who wanted to represent Bush when he turned pro, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that untangling the web is taking a long time.