QB gives fans new views of the Coliseum, USC football

USC junior quarterback Conner Sullivan might not be the most well-known quarterback on the Trojans' roster heading into the 2015 season, but he's a name worth knowing as a USC fan because he's an amateur videographer who has put together some pretty cool pieces recently.

Two weeks ago he shot drone footage of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, giving fans an inside look at the stadium.

In April he filmed himself getting into the Coliseum and climbing the Olympic torch, giving folks a birds-eye view (literally) of the stadium. It's a very unique vantage point (and not one you'll enjoy if you easily get motion sickness).

He also caught the footage of himself and a few other USC football players (former linebacker J.R. Tavai, offensive linemen Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler and former defensive lineman Leonard Williams, among others) jumping off the high dive after a spring practice at USC. This might not be quite as insightful into USC football, but if you were ever wondering what several offensive tackles look like jumping off a high dive, then this should answer a few questions for you.