Oregon State OC Dave Baldwin opens up about his love for Diet Coke

Oregon State's Dave Baldwin, seen in 2014 when he was interim coach at Colorado State, says he drinks 16-18 cans of Diet Coke per day. Andy Cross/Denver Post via Getty Images

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A few weeks ago ripples were sent through the media airwaves when it was discovered that Oregon State offensive coordinator Dave Baldwin drank 16 to 18 Diet Cokes a day.

The news was shocking. The fact that he had been able to keep it quiet for 15 years was the only thing more shocking.

“Everybody has vices,” Baldwin said. “Mine is a public vice now.”

It brought about a few follow-up questions that the Pac-12 blog felt needed to be asked:

1. If he’s drinking that much Diet Coke a day, what else does Baldwin have time (and space in his stomach) for?

Diet Pepsi? Nope.

Coffee? Nope.

Milk? Nope.

Water? Not a chance.

This man only drinks Diet Coke and the fact that it somehow hasn’t become his blood or stolen his teeth is something that should be investigated by MythBusters.

“I had a full physical last year -- I had fantastic health,” Baldwin said. “No high blood pressure. No problems. I’m healthy. I think there are people who smoke their whole lives and don’t have problems for some reason.”

2. Can Baldwin sleep with all that caffeine pulsing through his body?

According to Coca-Cola's product information web page, each can of 12 oz. Diet Coke contains 46 mg of caffeine. That means on average he’s drinking 736 to 828 mg of caffeine per day. A 16 oz. cup of Pike Place Roast blend from Starbucks contains 310 mg of caffeine. So, in coffee terms, he’s drinking about two and a half cups of coffee a day.

That doesn’t seem too bad.

Baldwin says he sleeps seven hours a night.

He also says that before he goes to bed every night he opens a can of Diet Coke and leaves it on a desk in his bedroom. Typically, he wakes up at some point during the night to drink it.

“It gets warm but it doesn’t bother me,” Baldwin said.

3. Does his family have a Costco membership?

Baldwin said they do, but he prefers to wait until the 12-packs go on sale at a local grocery store. The 12-pack is easier for him to carry. He can throw one of those into his car in the morning (he drinks one can on his three-mile drive from his house to the stadium/office) and easily carry it. Costco packs tend to be far too bulky for his liking.

When those sales do happen, typically the Baldwin family will buy 16 or 24 of the 12-packs and store them in the garage.

4. Any other interesting dietary options?

He doesn’t eat cereal or eggs. He doesn’t really eat breakfast. He does like candy. At home he has stashes of M&M's and Snickers. In the bottom left corner of his desk he keeps a Tupperware of Jolly Ranchers.

“Anything with sugar in it,” Baldwin joked.

5. Would he do a blind taste test in Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi?