Pac-10 lunchtime links

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

"When contracts expire and it comes time for bowls to align themselves with conferences, the bowls in Florida and Texas want the Big Ten and the Big 12 and, of course, the football-crazed SEC.

"That leaves the Pac-10 to align itself with bowls in the west: The Rose, of course; plus the Holiday and Poinsettia in San Diego, the Emerald in San Francisco, the Las Vegas Bowl, the Hawaii Bowl and the Sun in El Paso, which isn't exactly the west coast but has a long relationship with the Pac-10. 'We've talked to Florida bowls, and they aren't interested in us, and I can understand why,' Pac-10 associate commissioner Jim Muldoon told me a while back."

  • USC safety Taylor Mays made another All-America team Thursday night, and it seems increasingly likely the junior will enter the NFL draft, Scott Wolf writes in the L.A. Daily News.

"If I'm up there [in the top 15], I think even [Pete Carroll] will tell me to leave," Mays said.