Former OSU LB Pa'aluhi may resurface at Hawaii

It was a big blow to Oregon State when middle linebacker David Pa’aluhi quit the team.

A potential All-Pac-10 player in 2010, the official reason for the decision was Pa'aluhi had family issues and wanted to join the military.

It seemed an extreme and short-sighted decision at the time, but, hey, it's his life, right? And military service is certainly honorable.

It appears that Pa'aluhi now wants to play football again at Hawaii.

Says the Beaver nation: Hmm.

The Oregonian reports that the deal isn't done but that Pa'aluhi asked for and was a granted a release by coach Mike Riley and will be eligible to play in 2011.

From the story:

Riley said he was “disappointed’’ at how this is turning out but he was not about to slam the door shut on Pa’aluhi playing football again, or earning a degree.

“With his immediate family situation pretty much overwhelming for him (in Corvallis) maybe it’s best this way with more family around to help with the baby,’’ said Riley.

While Riley and Beavers linebacker Keith Pankey both seem a bit put off by Pa'aluhi's change of course, their reactions are notable for a lack of bile.

Said Pankey to the newspaper: “He’s my friend until the day I die, but he does play (again) I wish he was playing for us... As long as he’s happy and doing better, it’s hard to have malice for your friend even though he’s not doing what you want him to do.’’

Oregon State fans might want to salve their frustration over Pa'aluhi's machinations by taking a moment to admire Pankey's generous and level-headed maturity.