Scott says Pac-10 doesn't need expansion

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Does the Pac-10 need to keep up with the Joneses -- or, in this case, the Big Ten -- if conference expansion means a couple of "super conferences" are established west of the Mississippi?

"I keep asking 'why?'" Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said before joining his colleagues in the BCS meetings at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort.

While the general feeling is the Pac-10 will need to expand to keep up with a potential 16-team Big Ten, Scott's thoughts on the matter didn't seemed much changed from what he has been saying for months: The Pac-10 is seriously considering expansion but will only do so if it means more revenue per team in an expanded conference.

The BCS meetings began today and end Thursday. The star of the show is Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, who has agreed to speak with reporters on Wednesday.

There is intense speculation that Delany could make initial contact with expansion prospects during these meetings, the first step of which is telling other commissioners he plans to poach a team from them.

So some folks probably don't want Delany to tap them on their shoulders.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock also will meet with reporters after meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.

It's entirely possible that no significant news event will emerge from these meetings, which have attracted a gaggle of reporters.

It's also possible that news will break that will change the face of college football.