Expansion? The case for Colorado

Is it just me, or is Colorado making googly eyes at the Pac-10?

Apparently, it's not just me because John Henderson of the Denver Post makes the case that Colorado is a good fit for Pac-10 expansion.

What stands out about the article is Colorado chancellor Phil DiStefano essentially handing Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott his telephone number and whispering, "Call me!"

The feeling appears mutual in Boulder. CU chancellor Phil DiStefano points to his school being in the same Association of American Universities with UCLA, California, Southern California and Washington. CU faculty also has more joint research projects with Pac-10 schools than its does with Big 12 schools.

And Colorado's biggest out-of-state alumni base is in California.

"The academics factor is absolute important to us," said DiStefano, who added he has not talked to anyone from the Pac-10 but has done some research. "There are very good schools in the Big 12. There's no doubt about it. But when the faculty looks at the Pac-10, they see places where our faculty and their faculty do interact and where we compete for students, both undergraduate and graduate."

See the part I bolded? We have to assume that DiStefano is being honest, though there's always the loophole that someone else representing Colorado's interests is talking with the Pac-10. But it's not ridiculous to speculate that DiStefano's full engagement of the topic -- and speaking specifically of a potential move from the Big 12 to the Pac-10 -- suggests he expects to talk with his friends from the West Coast at some point.

Recall this story about Utah?

Lya Wodraska of the Salt Lake Tribune asked Utah athletic director Chris Hill if he'd been contacted by the Pac-10. Wrote Wodraska, "He didn't say yes and he didn't say no, opting to be vague he said because no matter what he says because "I wouldn't want to be out in front," he said. "Everything you say, people take it and run with it."

It might not be time to run with expansion talk. But let's just say everyone should start stretching and warming up.