Poll: Pac-12 vs. Big 12

When UCLA and Baylor square off tonight in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, it will kick off the first of three meetings between Pac-12 and Big 12 teams.

On Saturday, the Oregon State Beavers face Texas in the Valero Alamo Bowl and then on Jan. 3, Oregon and Kansas State meet in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. On Wednesday, your Pac-12 bloggers and Big 12 blogger David Ubben gave you our thoughts on the three matchups. All three offer their own interests and intrigue.

And that also paves the way for a Thursday poll question.

How will the Pac-12 perform in its three games against the Big 12?

Your options:

Three wins: There is no debate. The Pac-12 will run the table. Thinking anything else is just plain silliness. The three Pac-12 teams are favored in all three games and there’s no reason to think the league won’t be breaking out the brooms by the time the Fiesta wraps up.

Two wins: There’s been a lot of chatter about who the No. 2 conference is in college football behind the SEC. If the Pac-12 can win two of three, that would help settle the argument. Of course, it would help if one of those two is Oregon.

One win: One is better than none, but considering the Pac-12 teams are all favorites, this would certainly qualify as a disappointing result. If the one win happens to come in a BCS game, that might take a bit of the sting out of things.

Zero wins: Not only would this be crushing for the national perception of the conference to lose all three to another major conference, it would mean that the Pac-12 has lost at least four of its eight games. That would make for a very gloomy offseason.