Daniel Ricciardo plays down 'heat of the moment' Romain Grosjean gesture

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ABU DHABI -- Daniel Ricciardo laughed off the incident which saw him raise a middle finger to Romain Grosjean in FP2, joking that he was just "shaking off" an ache in his hand.

Ricciardo got stuck behind the Haas driver during the evening session, prompting an amusing radio exchange with his race engineer.

Engineer: "OK mate, we saw that, Grosjean got in your way." Grosjean: "No, no, he was good, he didn't get in my way..." Engineer: "I'm not sure if your sarcasm is coming across very well." Ricciardo: "Yeah. [Censored]!" Engineer: "Understood."

As that radio message was being broadcast, the F1 world feed showed Ricciardo take one hand off the steering wheel and raise his middle finger to Grosjean as the pair drove down the main straight.

When asked about the incident after the session, the Australian played it down, saying: "I had a bruised finger! I had an oversteer, and I was just shaking it off.

"He didn't mean it. It is only practice, so I am not phased by it. Heat of the moment. It was frustrating, I am on a heater and he is on an out lap. Was it good TV?"

Grosjean and Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen have been at the centre of a number of complaints from other drivers this season relating to how they behave in practice sessions when in front of another car.