Kelly an armed forces volunteer

Seeing that every misdeed in the state of Oregon this offseason got plenty ink, here's one for the good guys: Oregon's Chip Kelly not only is joining other coaches on an overseas tour of U.S. military installations this month, he volunteered for the mission.

According to the Eugene Register-Guard: "Kelly will travel Friday to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, before heading overseas along with Army’s Rich Ellerson, Harvard’s Tim Murphy, Tommy Tuberville of Texas Tech and Ron Zook of Illinois. The first foreign stop will be at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and Kelly said the tour will also take them to Iraq and Afghanistan."

The coaches, who will spend at least one night aboard a naval ship, not only chat with troops and sign autographs, they also will conduct "combine-style workouts" as well as coach a couple of flag football games, one of which will be the annual Under Armour Dust Bowl, which is Army vs. Air Force "with some Marines sprinkled in."

Guess here is that one might get fairly intense.

Kelly & Co. are scheduled to return to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on May 31, Memorial Day. They also may visit the White House.