On stage ... Arizona State

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- A quick summary of ASU coach Todd Graham, running back Cameron Marshall and linebacker Brandon Magee:

  • Graham opening statement: "It's been an exciting time for me and my staff. Very excited to be here. This has been a great time to come together and meet former players and get out in the community ... Even though we've known each other a short period of time, I've been very impressed with the character and work ethic of Cam and Brandon. They represent a team that is coming together and working very hard ... It's a tremendous conference. Very dynamic. Very unique. It's only going to get better."

  • Magee on being drafted and whether he'll be more conservative: "I won't be conservative. I don't hold anything back when I get on the field."

  • Magee on being on sports talk radio: "I had a great time. Hopefully I can do it soon. I would love be involved in media. This is very exciting to me."

  • Marshall on how spring practices were different: "It's fast. It's a lot faster than anything we've experienced before. It was a lot more organized. No downtime. Everything was explosive."

  • Marshall on his injury: "I feel great. Been running around and doing all of the workouts. I'll be 100 percent at camp."

  • Graham on what's been the toughest part of installing his system: "Just being patient. As you get experience, you learn. The key is getting good at something and not trying to do too much. In Tulsa, our fourth year was a lot different than our first year ... the players have embraced the way we do things."

  • Graham: "We're a downhill, power, inside zone team. Marshall will benefit from that."

  • Graham: "Biggest challenge is being a hybrid, four-man and three-man front on defense."

  • Marshall on discipline: "It was the thing we needed the most especially in the last half of the season when we fell apart ... Graham has brought discipline and accountability."

  • Graham on QB racae: "We're a lot further along. We have a pretty good idea. We have three really, really quality guys. It's great to inherit that type of competition. Longer it goes, I don't like that. It settles everything down. You need a leader. Key is making sure in this first season, especially early, that the person taking that snap has to be a player that can manage the offense."

  • Graham on Camp T: "I like the idea of roughing it. Our cell phones don't work up there. That will be great, four days without cell phones. It's rustic. It's a great tradition."