Feldman on Jake Locker

This is an ESPN.com Insider story on Washington quarterback Jake Locker. A lot has been written about Locker this spring but -- as can be expected from Bruce Feldman -- this effort includes many interesting tidbits that you don't get elsewhere.

Some of highlights:

  • "He doesn't play much golf, but he's the best 'Happy Gilmore' drive guy I've seen," said his dad, Scott Locker. "He can do the walk-up [swing] and hit it 350 yards."

  • "Jake would get up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays early for two years from the time he was 15, so he could go an hour and a half before school and do a sprinter's workout with the track coach to increase his speed," said his dad. "Sometimes, people think it's all God-given, but he's got a lot of work ethic, too."

  • Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian on his USC QBs compared to Locker: "Jake's got the most going for him of all of them. There's one thing that he doesn't have going for him. You look at Carson [Palmer], [Matt] Leinart, [Matt] Cassel, [Mark] Sanchez, even Matt Barkley, those guys were trained by Bob Johnson or Steve Clarkson since they were fifth- and sixth-graders. It was Quarterback 101 in terms of stance, footwork, drop, re-sets, pocket presence, all of the nuances of the position. With Jake, we started all over one year ago. The strides he's made have been amazing. Physical standpoint, he's as good or better than all those guys."

  • Feldman asks: "If Jake Locker ran a 4.9 instead of a 4.4 would people still be talking about his as a top 10 draft pick?" Said UW QBs coach Doug Nussmeier: "Yes, I really think so. He's got a wonderful arm. He can make every throw in the book. When you combine that with his size and speed, it's scary. He's got great velocity. He's his own guy. He's such a unique guy. We're just starting to scratch the surface."

  • Sarkisian said Locker's arm strength compares to Carson Palmer: "It's close. Where Jake's arm can get a little skewed is if you throw in this stadium when the wind gets swirling, it's like throwing in the Meadowlands. Your arm strength can look poor. It's not like throwing at Howard Jones Field on an 80-degree sunny day."