'GameDay' to Corvallis

ESPN's "College GameDay" is headed to Corvallis for the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State.

Why? If Oregon wins, it plays for the national title. And if Oregon State wins, it will be an upset for the ages that Beavers fans will never -- never, never, never -- let Ducks fans forget about.

This will be "GameDay's" third Pac-10 trip this year, all involving Oregon: Stanford at Oregon, Oregon at USC and now the Civil War.

This will be the first time "GameDay" has been to Corvallis, but it will be the third time the Beavers have been playing in game with "GameDay" in town. "GameDay" originated from Boise on Sept. 25 when the Beavers played at Boise State. And in 2004 it was on the scene in Baton Rouge when Oregon State was at LSU.