Kiffin, Haden on NCAA's Tennessee findings

USC coach Lane Kiffin can now put his brief and controversial tenure at Tennessee in his rearview mirror after the NCAA found him guilty of no major violations during his one year in Knoxville.

Obviously, a win for Kiffin and USC.

Did the NCAA's egregious ruling in the Reggie Bush case play a role here? If Committee on Infractions chairman Dennis Thomas and other members of the committee read the work of Paul Dee's committee, it surely was somewhere in the back of their minds.

USC released statements from both Kiffin and AD Pat Haden.


“I’m very grateful to the NCAA, the Committee on Infractions and its chairman, Dennis Thomas, for a very fair and thorough process. I'm also very grateful that we were able to accurately and fairly present the facts in our case and that no action was taken against us. I’m pleased that the NCAA based its decision on the facts and not on perception. I’m also very grateful that the Tennessee football program was cleared of any wrongdoing.

“As I have said before, we always have been committed to following NCAA rules and bylaws both at Tennessee and now at USC, and we always will be. Now that this has reached its conclusion, I am looking forward to continuing to prepare our team for the upcoming season.”


“We obviously were pleased to learn about the NCAA’s ruling today regarding Lane Kiffin. I appeared at Lane’s NCAA hearing, and I believe the NCAA’s decision is fair and based on the facts presented. I'm glad this is behind us now and I know Lane feels the same way. From the time he arrived at USC, Lane Kiffin has been extremely compliant regarding NCAA rules and I feel confident that he will continue to be so.”