Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat, you can read the entire transcript here.

After you read that, you can then read these highlights and wonder why certain parts got cut and what that reveals about me clearly having a bias for/against your team.

Because I do so root for/against your team.

RIPstardust (Las Vegas): Stanford seems to be a major role with recruiting the past few years. If they get decent QB play, is there any reason not to expect that they stay in the BCS picture for the foreseeable future?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM): I think Stanford had set itself up well to remain in the top-half of the Pac-12 and to regularly be in the mix for top-level bowls. But I don't want to commit to the idea of Stanford as a team regularly playing in BCS bowls. That happened with the best QB in a generation. There's a little bit of wait and see with what might be next.

Adam (Boulder): With the commitments of both [Kenneth] Crawley and [Yuri] Wright, do you see the Buffs secondary immediately improving from last season?

Ted Miller (3:05 PM): We might want to wait until we see these guys play vs. college competition, but it's hard to imagine the Buffs secondary could be much worse. It certainly seems like it will be more athletic in 2012. And speed helps ... a bunch

Les Miles (Oregon): Is the battle between [Marcus] Mariota

and [Bryan] Bennett really that close? I just see Bennett as that "next level" QB. Would be foolish to not start him

Ted Miller (3:14 PM): I don't know. It seems some think that way, but with closed practices it's hard to say. Based on what I've seen of Bennett, if Mariota is better, then he must be pretty darn good. But if I were laying money on it, I'd pick Bennett to start.



RH (The Cloud): What is closer to the truth? DT left Oregon because his stock could not get higher ... or he left because he was going to get seriously challenged for the starting gig in 2012?

Ted Miller (3:26 PM): The former ... I think he's ready to get paid to play. I'm not one of the guys who thought he'd get beaten out. In conversations with [Chip] Kelly, he never even intimated that as a possibility.

Matt (PDX): Thoughts on Kellys flirtation with the NFL? Was it a contract issue (not enough $ from the BUcs, or Uncle Phil stepping up) or did he really have a last minute change of heart? DO you see him leaving in the 2-3 years if the opportunity arises again?

Ted Miller (3:28 PM): I think he still wants to be Oregon's coach. But he's very competitive. Some day he'll want to take on a new challenge. I'd say it's 50-50 if he's still Oregon's coach five years from now. That said, he may have had a eureka moment and decided he loves coaching Oregon.

JohnC (SLC): What's the likelihood the league goes to an 8-game conference schedule?

Ted Miller (3:30 PM) coaches want it, ADs don't... Larry Scott understands the value of 8-game schedules... if the Pac-12 becomes the only conference with a 9-game slate, I'd expect he might push for a change, sooner rather than later.

Tylurker (Land of Oaks): Are you excited to visit the new press box at Memorial Stadium? You have to admit, the view to the west from Strawberry Canyon is the best in the Pac12 (though, Montelake is nice). How you think the product on the filed in 2012 will compare with the upgraded facilities?

Ted Miller (3:36 PM) If [Zach] Maynard gets better, Cal has a chance to win 8-9 games. As for the press box, I can't wait. I was there in 2008 when the Bears beat Oregon in torrential rain storm... I was typing under a trash bag so my laptop wouldn't get wet... a real, live press box would make the Strawberry Canyon experience even better.

Brad (San Diego): UCLA didn't have any trouble recruiting good talent during the Neuheisel era, but still can't win on the field or in recruiting against USC. What are the biggest things that have to change to make those happen, and will it happen in the Mora era?

Ted Miller (3:45 PM): 1. Stars aren't the only thing. It seems some of those touted guys weren't as good as they were projected to be; 2. Culture ... UCLA needs that "all-in" culture that typifies winning teams -- see Oregon. That's about discipline, about dedication, about doing the extra work in the weight room and film room. That's about caring. And it would help to solve issues on the O-line and QB.

Palouse Pillager (A sea of apples): Mike Leach being such a hot name. What is the mark of success for him and WSU? What does he need to do by when to keep his sweet scent of eliteness and his job?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM): Bowl game in 2012. 8-9 wins in 2013... repeat, and cycle in a 10 win season every once and a while...

bubba (denver): What do you think the chances of Nick Foles getting drafted by my Denver Broncos, i think he would be a good fit. if not in denver, where do you think he will land?

Ted Miller (3:49 PM): Not a good thing for Foles because he'd immediately become the starter.. better to get some seasoning for 2-3 years.

Nick Holt (in a cardboard box): What are you hearing about Oregon's sanctions? Seems like they're going to get something if DT is leaving early and Chip wanted out too

Ted Miller (3:51 PM): 1. Kelly came back, so that dispels that; 2. Nothing to do with Thomas... sanctions wouldn't touch him in 2012.I don't think Oregon is going to get hammered. They'll get something, but nothing that threatens their place at the top of the North.

Gerald (Sacramento) Is Connor Halliday the toughest S.O.B you have seen in a while. I mean playing with a lacerated liver after Star hit him. I was so impressed with him when I heard that. Do you think he will start for WSU this year?

Ted Miller (3:56 PM) Both Halliday and [Jeff] Tuel have shown uncommon toughness. I'm a Tuel lean, but Leach has a new system. We'll have to see how each adapts.

Lance Romance (Winnipeg, Canada) Now that the dust has settled, [Brock] Osweiler declaring seems more and more like the right move for him.

Ted Miller (4:01 PM) Well, if he gets picked in the first round, then yes... And if he goes in the 2nd, that's not so bad either. But it makes you wonder if he took a step forward in 2012 if he could have ended up a top-15 pick... But, yes, his decision looks better today than it did when he made it.