Nebraska gets its revenge on Washington

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Huskies-Huskers III is all over. Nebraska is the champ.

It was another troubling defensive performance by the Cornhuskers, but the offense more than made up for that in a 51-38 victory. Washington let the game get away in the third quarter thanks to several of its own mistakes, and its three fourth-quarter touchdowns weren't enough.

If the Huskies hadn't fumbled inside their own 1 on a kickoff return, or if they hadn't interfered with two Nebraska punt returns or if they hadn't dropped a few potentially big passes ... well, that's a whole lot of ifs. The Cornhuskers did what they needed to do to win and played smarter and more opportunistic than their visitors from Seattle.

Bo Pelini still has a lot to fix on his defense, but his Huskers are 3-0 heading into next week's final nonconference game against Wyoming.