Post-Cal, Ayoob takes flight

Joe Ayoob was a much-hyped junior college transfer to California in 2005, but his career never really took flight.

It has now. In fact, Ayoob has etched his name into the record book.

Throwing footballs? Neh. For tossing a paper airplane.

Inside a hanger at McClellan Air Force Base outside Sacramento on Sunday, Ayoob threw a paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches -- shattering the previous world record record of 207 feet, four inches.

Scoff if you want, but the video is pretty darn cool.

"I grew up making paper airplanes," Ayoob said. "I used to make paper airplanes and throw them all the way home from school when I was little. So it was kind of up my alley. I thought it was a cool idea.

"Some people might think, 'What's the big deal? It's just a paper airplane. But it's a world record. It took a lot of time for John, and it took a lot of time for me working with John to achieve this. ... It's very rewarding, and I'm very proud of this record."

Ayoob had the misfortune of following Aaron Rodgers at Cal. Their similar junior college resumes inspired comparisons that were out of whack and impossible to match. But now Ayoob has something Rodgers doesn't have, though Rodgers' Super Bowl ring and an NFL MVP award are pretty cool, too.

"He may be a little jealous, because I know he's a very competitive guy," Ayoob said. "I'd encourage him to fold a plane and see what he can do. I'm sure, as I am jealous of him, he will be jealous of me. He does things on a much grander scale these days, so it's very cool to see him have all that success.

"But I do have an airplane record on him. I can say that, at least."