Yards to glory: 'The Play'

A football field is 100 yards long, and each yard marker has produced immortal memories in college football.

ESPN.com is looking at some of the most famous touchdowns in college football history for each and every yard marker, and California's stunning 57-yard kickoff return to beat Stanford -- better known as "The Play" -- is the choice at 57 yards.

You can check out "Yards to Glory" here.

And here's what I wrote about one of the most famous moments in sports history.

57. The Play

Cal beats Stanford on five-lateral finish

Nov. 20, 1982: "The Play" is simply one of the greatest moments in sports history. Stanford had taken a 20-19 lead on late-game heroics from QB John Elway. Four seconds remained. But on the ensuing kickoff, the Bears used four laterals -- some Stanford folks dispute the legality of a couple -- before Kevin Moen took No. 5 the final 25 yards for the improbable game-winning score. Making the spectacular play memorably absurd, Moen was forced the run through the Stanford band, which had prematurely taken the field to celebrate a victory, and he punctuated the thrilling moment by running over trombone player Gary Tyrrell in the end zone.