Wright gets chance for re-write at Colorado

I know this, er, guy. His senior yearbook quote was from George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone."

Yeah, what an — cough, cough — idiot.

So we come to cornerback Yuri Wright, the 40th-ranked player on the ESPNU 150, who has committed to Colorado.

Wright, you may have heard, had a Twitter issue. He was expelled from Don Bosco Prep, a private Catholic school, after posting racially tinged, sexually graphic tweets on his Twitter account.

Those Tweets — a handful, not just one or two — are bad. Vulgar. Offensive. They will not be linked here but you surely can find them, if you wish, with a quick Google. There is also a cultural divide here between understanding that some of the worst Tweets were actually pulled from rap lyrics — if you are a fan, you'll go, "Lil Wayne?"

Still: Really freaking stupid.

Colorado fans who want to get enthusiastic about Wright being the centerpiece of a recent recruiting surge in a HUGE need area — secondary — probably will want to start whistling and walk away. Or lean on the idea that you've got to break some eggs to make an omelette — and recruit some imperfect people to build a football team.

The lion of Colorado football, Bill McCartney, certainly did. So does just about every coach, even the so-called disciplinarians.

Jon Embree needs players. Badly. The Buffaloes' roster headed into 2012 is lacking the talent it needs to improve from 2011. Bowl game? Two words: Doubt it.

So Embree needs Wright. And now Wright — no longer a bright, shining recruit — needs Embree, though plenty of other programs would jump at the chance to sign Wright.

Mutual needs met.

But here's what I suspect will happen with Wright and Embree at some point. Soon.

Embree: Son, I have a daughter. If I hear that sort of talk from you again, the best thing that will happen to you is the part where I kick you off this team.

Wright: Yes sir.

Embree: Time to grow up. Men don't talk about women like that. Those who do end up loitering on street corners or in jail.

Wright: Yes sir.

Embree: You screw up here, that will be strike two. And I'm not sure you're good enough to get a chance for a third swing.

Wright: Yes sir.

Embree: And if think three "Yes sirs" wins me over, you've got a lot to learn. You have a clean slate, Wright. But I am watching you. And so is everyone else. Time to be a man.

Wright: Yes, er... OK.

Embree: And read the Pac-12 blog everyday. You might learn something.

Young men do stupid things. And Wright hasn't hurt anyone or broken any laws. But words matter. If everything works out, and Wright reports for fall camp at Colorado, he needs to know that his vulgar Tweets will follow him for a while, even if he has a great career at Colorado and becomes an NFL prospect. That's the nature of the social world we live in now.

At present, Wright is a good cautionary tale for other young athletes who want to be edgy on Twitter. The lesson? Don't.

But Wright will get his chance at a re-write. And that won't be limited to 140 characters.