Where's the West Coast stand in recruiting?

Where do FBS football players come from and which state provides the most per capita?

Well, check out this interesting tabulation.

Yes, the usual suspects rule.

Texas produced the most FBS players (345 signed letters of intent) this recruiting season, but that was just one more than Florida, which boasts the highest ratio of high school football players heading to FBS programs -- one of every 111 players.

Pause on that for a moment. That is a fairly extraordinary ratio. Texas' ratio was one out of every 454. It's also telling -- and fuel for SEC adherents -- that the top four states in terms of per capita production are Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama.

Folks, don't get mad: Unlike much analysis comparing BCS conferences, these numbers are unbiased.

But -- hey, Utah! -- guess which Pac-12 state had the best ratio? Didn't see that one coming.

California ranked third in total FBS signees: 253. And its ratio -- one out of 412 -- beat Texas and ranked 11th nationally.

Here are how the Pac-12 states stacked up (first number is number of signees, second is the ratio of FBS signees to total high school football players).

Utah, 30, 1/270

California, 253, 1/412

Arizona, 41, 1/466

Colorado, 22, 1/674

Washington, 24, 1/934

Oregon, 11, 1/1,214

Obviously, these numbers are at least slightly fluid year to year, but, as has been noted before, it's hard not to be impressed with Oregon's rise into the nation's elite. You'll note from the state numbers it's almost Nebraska-esque.