ASU to fans: You won't melt to black puddle

Arizona State will wear all-black uniforms against Missouri on Friday. It is asking its fans to wear all black in the stands, so Sun Devils Stadium will have a "Black Out!" for the TV audience.

With me so far?

Arizona State officials, however, have become frustrated with lunkheads who think black clothing worn after dark is hotter than white clothing.

It is not. Black clothing absorbs sunlight not heat, the Pac-12 blog will tell you.

But ASU officials don't think you folks will see the Pac-12 blog as a qualified scientist -- I have no idea why -- so it enlisted Michael "Dark Angel" Angilletta, who studies the adaptation of organisms to their environment in the ASU School of Life Sciences, to enlighten you.

You can watch a video on the topic here.

But the gist is this:

After sunset, when most ASU home games are played, it's infrared radiation that makes a difference, not solar radiation, says Angilletta. As a result, black clothing, whether it be uniforms or shirts and shorts, will be the same temperature as any other color of clothing.

Of course, if you tailgate before the game, the sun will still be out. Although it's supposed to be partly cloudy, and 104 degrees is actually not too bad in Tempe, the Pac-12 blog suggests you bring a white shirt for the tailgate, then switch to your black shirt just before the game.

And if you don't wear black, Vontaze Burfict is going to find you and eat you.

I kid you not. You were warned.