Pac-12 power rankings: Week 3

If you don't like where you are in the power rankings, play better.

See last week's power rankings here.

1. Stanford: It wasn't a great performance at Duke, but there's something to be said for playing a mediocre game and still crushing your foe. We'll know more about the Cardinal after this weekend's visit to the 'Zona Zoo.

2. Oregon: The Ducks' offense cranked it up to light speed again on Nevada. Run defense a little questionable.

3. Arizona State: The Sun Devils won the statement game they'd been pointing at since the 2010 season ended. But good teams keep winning, they don't sit there and watch one game tape over and over. A road trip to Illinois, a talented Big Ten team, will be a major test -- mentally as much as physically.

4. USC: The Trojans were sloppy in the red zone against Utah, but a win is a win is a win. And USC has two of them with no losses.

5. California: The Bears got tested on the road by a feisty Colorado squad out for revenge. And they passed. We are tempted to buy-in with the Bears. But not yet. We've been hurt before (sniffle).

6. Washington: There was a lot to like about the win against Hawaii, particularly the play of quarterback Keith Price. But that pass defense ... not much to like there. Well, other than some clutch interceptions during two victories.

7. Utah: The Utes proved they can compete with the likes of USC, but the loss in LA was a setback to their South Division hopes.

8. Washington State: It's Coug world and we're just lucky to be paying rent in it. If Washington State wins at San Diego State on Saturday, Coug pandemonium might ensue.

9. Arizona: Yes, Wildcats, this is punishment for the uncompetitive effort at Oklahoma State. Want redemption? How about upsetting Stanford? (Hey, easy, I didn't make this schedule).

10. UCLA: The Bruins are making the Pac-12 blog regret saying nice things about them in the preseason. It's probably a good thing no one showed up to watch the woeful performance against San Jose State. But if UCLA can mess with Texas (again), it might regain some momentum, in the locker room and among the fan base.

11. Colorado: A much better performance against California. There is hope. But, Buffs, you're still 0-2.

12. Oregon State: Two games. Two bad losses. Two quarterbacks. Too many injuries. Too many problems.