Preseason position reviews: Putting them together

Our Pac-10 position rankings are done. You can review them here.

But now that they are done, we want to put them together and see what they reveal: How does everyone pencil out?

So, in a totally unscientific way that will have California fans slapping their foreheads over my mental midgetry (headline from California Golden Blogs: "Miller's correlation of coefficients conspicuously confounding!"), I will give each team three points for a "Great shape" two points for a "Good shape" and one point for a "We'll see."

And, yes, I realize that this method gives a team with a good punter the same number of points as a team with a good quarterback. Sorry. But, hey, every position matters and nobody is better than anyone else on the Pac-10 blog.

Other, course, than you.

So without further adieu, here are the standings:

Oregon State ... 29

Oregon ... 28

Arizona ... 26

Washington ... 26

California ... 25

UCLA ... 25

USC ... 25

Stanford ... 23

Arizona State ... 22

Washington State ... 17

You'll first notice how far down USC appears. That's a little misleading. The Trojans got just one point for kicker and punter, while they got three points for quarterback, both defensive line spots and running back.

The difference between Oregon and Oregon State? The Beavers got three points for their kicker, while the Ducks got just one point.

Arizona and Washington scored high on offense, not so well on defense. UCLA got six points for its kicker-punter combination, as did Arizona State, which got just one point for every offensive position.

Stanford seems a bit low. It tied UCLA for the most 2-point "good shapes" with seven. But remember that three points for a quarterback and offensive line count just as much as any other position.

Still, the point totals indicate overall what we all seem agree on: The Pac-10 is wide open, though the Oregon schools, despite both replacing their starting quarterbacks, appear at a preseason glance first among equals.

Some notes:

"Great shape-We'll see" per team

Arizona: 4-2

Arizona State: 3-5

California 4-3

Oregon: 6-2

Oregon State: 6-1

Stanford: 2-3

UCLA: 3-2

USC: 5-4

Washington: 4-2

Washington State: 1-8.

  • Most "Great shapes": Oregon and Oregon State with 6

  • Most "We'll sees": Washington State with 8

  • Positions with the most "Great shapes": punter (6), running back (6) and offensive line (5).

  • Position with the most "We'll sees": kicker (4).

  • There were no "Great shapes" at CB.

  • Every position other than punter had at least two "We'll sees."