Q&A: UCLA's Brett Hundley

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley is off to a pretty good start in his college career. He ranks fourth in the Pac-12 in passing efficiency with 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions and is one of the most exciting young players in college football. During the bye week (and in between classes) he took a few minutes to chat with the Pac-12 blog about his play so far, his expectations moving forward and what play tops his personal highlight reel.

What's your personal assessment of your play through the first seven games?

Brett Hundley: I've done all right. I honestly feel I can do a lot better. But I have a lot of growing to do and a lot of work to put in. I'm not where I want to be yet and I understand that I have a lot of room to grow and improve.

What's been the toughest part of the job?

BH: Time management, man. It's crazy. Before school started we had our first four games there was still a little bit of time. But once school started, man, it was hard. Time management is huge. You have to get it down to every single minute of the day.

What are you doing really well?

BH: Just being coachable and learning every week and being able to progress each week. Regardless of the outcome -- whether we won or lost -- I think I'm able to learn and take constructive criticism and learn from it and try to get that much better.

Is there something specific you're focused on in the bye week?

BH: Probably getting back to fundamentals. That's the big thing. Making sure my footwork is correct. Making sure my reads are correct. Basically going over all the little things and fundamental things.

How much of the offense are you running? Has coach [Noel] Mazzone pretty much opened up the playbook so you have access to every play in the offense?

BH: Oh yeah, for sure. Coach Mazzone is a great guy and I trust him with everything and he trusts me with everything. The playbook is open. We're throwing in things he used to run with Brock [Osweiler]. There are a lot of different looks we can give. The playbook is open. We just have to be able to execute.

When you and I talked in the spring, you talked about how excited you were to operate this offense. Now that you've been at it for a while, is it as fun as you hoped it would be?

BH: Oh yeah. I love this offense. Even when we were practicing in spring ball, I was loving it then and I'm loving it now. It's an offense where I can throw the ball around and get it into our playmakers' hands. And when I need to, I can tuck it and take off with the ball. This is a sweet offense. I love it.

If you were putting together a personal highlight reel so far this season, what would be the No. 1 play?

BH: Ah man. I love the first play at Rice [a 72-yard touchdown run on UCLA's first offensive snap of the season]. That was one of my favorite plays of the season. Then there's another play -- which wasn't personally me. I was throwing a block. I love doing that. It was for Johnathan Franklin during the Nebraska game. Just being able to run and smack somebody and open it for Jet cutting it across the backfield. That was a blast.