Q&A: Washington's Keith Price

In the midst of a three-game losing streak and prepping for the No. 7 team in the BCS standings, Washington quarterback Keith Price took a couple of minutes this week to chat with the Pac-12 blog about his team's execution problems, confidence and his thoughts on being a more mature quarterback.

What's the confidence level of the team right now?

Keith Price: We're confident. We know that these next games are very winnable games. We just have to come out and play our type of football and not worry too much about everything else that has been happening.

Same question, only just you. How confident are you right now? I'm sure you're hearing some of the outside griping.

KP: I'm fine. I'm fine. My confidence will never waver. Obviously, I haven't been playing the best football. But I know my confidence is fine. I know the results will start to show. It's just a matter of time.

There was so much emphasis on the first half of your schedule. How much were you buying into the fact that if you could get through the first half, things would come easier in the second half?

KP: We all knew that every week was going to be a challenge and that you could get beaten by any team out there. Last week we got our tails whooped by a team that wasn't in the Top 25. Everybody is beatable. In this conference, you have to show up to play every week. We expect to win every week. We just have to come out and start proving people wrong.

How do you keep the negativity from creeping into the locker room?

KP: We're a band of brothers. We're focused on the task at hand. We're not worried about what other people write or what other people say. We know how good we are. It's just a matter of executing. The last couple of weeks we've had a problem executing. That's our main focus. If we execute, we can play with any team.

What needs to happen to fix that execution?

KP: More study. The smarter you are, the faster you play and we have to hone into the details of each play. And when we get the opportunity to make those plays, we have to make them. That's our main focus.

The numbers don't suggest it, but do you feel like you are a more mature quarterback this year than you were last year?

KP: Definitely. I feel like a better quarterback than I was last year. The results aren't the results that I wanted. But it's OK. That's not what I'm here for. I'm not here to play for stats. I'm here to play for wins. And hopefully we can get this thing turned around in the second half of the season.