Andrew Luck's greatest hits

In honor of the newest Indianapolis Colt, the folks at Stanford put together a highlight reel of Andrew Luck's top 15 plays from his time on The Farm. And they are, in a word, spectacular.

You can watch the full video here and decide for yourself what you think his top 15 are.

Personally, I think the hit on Shareece Wright (ranked No. 10) should have been in the top two or three, simply for the fact that it's something you don't see a quarterback do. Occasionally you see a quarterback make an ankle tackle off of a turnover, or force a guy out of bounds. But that hit was textbook linebacking; head up, shoulders squared, arms wrapped and exploding through the ball carrier. And if you watch the replay closely, he knows he jarred the ball loose and he's immediately scanning to try and find it.

The same goes for the one-handed catch (which I think is appropriately ranked at No. 3). It's special and unique because you just don't see quarterbacks making plays like that.

And the 44-yard throw from his knees (ranked No. 1) against ASU, well that was just silly.

Some of the greatest highlights are of Luck running. We forget how good of a runner he was because his carries were so scaled back in 2011. But it's fun to go back and re-live them.

No doubt, Luck leaves us with many incredible highlights. Thanks to the Stanford athletic department for throwing this together all in one place.