Recruiting notes

Emptying the notebook.

  • The recruiting intrigue never really ends. USC is still in on this prospect, who's committed to West Virginia but remains unsigned.

  • Academic issues now become front-and-center for some recruits, such as this one for UCLA and this one for Washington.

  • UCLA offensive line signee Wade Yandall will enroll early and participate in the Bruins spring practices. Linebacker Jarad Koster, a member of the 2009 class who grayshirted, has already enrolled.

More teams are recruiting nationally and the Pac-10 is no exception. Consider the number of states represented in each class.

Arizona: 9

Arizona State: 5

California: 8


Oregon State: 4

Stanford: 12


USC: 6

Washington: 4

Washington State: 4

Of course, some of that is junior college players, which stacks the deck. Still, this is a national trend -- the recruiting world is getting smaller, so it's easier to reach out.

Consider SEC recruiting super powers Alabama and Florida, which tapped nine and seven states, respectively.

The exception is Texas, which only cherry picked three out-of-state players for its class of 25.