Eagles' Wolff gets better of Bucs' Glennon

TAMPA, Fla. -- Earl Wolff had a message for Mike Glennon.

“I was talking to him the whole game," Wolff said. “I almost got him on a blitz. I said, 'All right, Mike, you’d better get it out faster.'"

The two rookies were teammates at NC State for four years. Wolff is trying to crack the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting lineup as a safety. Glennon was making his second start at quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last week, Wolff said he hoped to intercept his old friend.

“Close,” he said after the Eagles’ 31-20 win Sunday. “I came so close.”

Wolff made perhaps the biggest defensive play of the day for the Eagles. They had allowed Glennon to march from his own 1-yard line to the Eagles’ 9. On third-and-goal, Glennon fired a pass to tight end Tim Wright.

Two weeks ago, it probably would have been a touchdown. Wolff admitted he just wasn’t picking things up quickly enough in his first few games. This time, he had it.

“We were in a 'zero' coverage,” Wolff said. “I had to play inside leverage. Where the tight end was lined up, I had a feeling he was going to run an out route, but I had to stay inside. So I waited for him to make his move.”

Wolff got a hand on the ball just before it arrived. Instead of a go-ahead touchdown, Tampa Bay had to kick a field goal to get within a point at 21-20.

After starting two games in place of the injured Patrick Chung, Wolff was on the sideline at the start of this one. He rotated in occasionally until Chung reinjured his shoulder.

“He got hurt so I had to step up,” Wolff said.

On the most important play of the afternoon, he did just that.