Eagles take aim at NFL's social media policy for second straight week

PHILADELPHIA -- For the second straight week, the Philadelphia Eagles took a little poke at the NFL for its new social media policy.

Teams are no longer permitted to post highlights from television directly to social media or turn highlights into GIFs. Last week, the Eagles and Browns responded by posting videos of electronic football figures to simulate highlights.

This week, the Eagles’ Twitter account opted for flipbooks.

Under the revised policy, teams are also not allowed to shoot video inside the stadium during the game and post it on social media and cannot use Facebook Live, Periscope or any other app to stream anything live within the stadium. Per ESPN’s Darren Rovell, league executives want to make sure that content generated within the stadiums is hosted by team websites so that the league maintains control of what is disseminated.

First-time violators of the policy can be hit with a fine of up to $25,000, and the penalty jumps to as much as $50,000 the second time around.