Jones earns punter of week acclaim

For the second game in a row, Donnie Jones of the Philadelphia Eagles was named punter of the week by Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information.

“That is a huge part of why we had some success in that game against Arizona,” Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Tuesday. “Donnie putting it inside the 20 is really unbelievable. He’s as big a reason for us having success defensively as anybody.”

Jones was also chosen for his work against Washington two weeks ago, before the Eagles’ bye week. His 70-yard punt pinned Washington at its own 4-yard line to start its final drive of the game.

Simon, who analyzes punters every week, wrote:

“Jones became the sixth punter in the last 20 seasons to have seven punts result in opponents’ possession inside the 20 in a game, the first since Thomas Morestead of the Saints against the Packers in the 2009 season.

"Jones had the highest net average of those six (44.4 yards) and put 88 percent (7 of 8 ) inside the 20. The last punter with that high a success rate in a game he punted that much was Bryan Barker, who had 8 of 9 for the Jaguars against the Ravens in 1999.

"Jones had four punts in the final 16 minutes of the game, with the Eagles protecting a lead. They resulted in no return yardage and possession for the Cardinals at the 19, 16, 14, and 10.”

The Eagles signed Jones as a free agent this year. He was with Houston last year and spent most of his 10-year career in St. Louis.