Ranking the 10 best Eagles Super Bowl tattoos

It has been almost a month since the Philadelphia Eagles captured their first Super Bowl championship, and the demand for ink is still going strong.

On Sunday, tattoo artist Dan Czar held an "Eagles Flash Day" at AC Ink in Somers Point and, by his tally, serviced about 30 customers.

"All in all, a great day," Czar said.

There have been a lot of them for tattoo parlors across the Philadelphia area since the Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 in Minneapolis to capture the Lombardi Trophy. Fifty-plus years had passed between Eagles titles, and fans have been eager to commemorate the feat.

After scouring social media, here are our picks for the 10 best tattoos so far:

10. Eagles long-snapper goes all-in

It's not just fans; some Eagles players have been getting work done as well. The team's long-snapper, Rick Lovato, went with a giant Lombardi Trophy down his side.

He explained why in a Twitter post: "For those who want some more background on my tattoo, 2 years ago I visited Vince Lombardi's grave in my hometown of Middletown, NJ where my grandfather is buried. Not having a full time job in the NFL yet and not knowing where this career would take me, I trusted my passion and faith to keep reaching my dreams. Since then I was cut two more times and could've given up on those dreams, but it made me want it more than ever. After a heated battle with my friend Jon Dorenbos in training camp I had finally found my place in this league. Through the ups and the downs of my first full season in the NFL, I have fulfilled my dream of playing and winning the Super Bowl. It has brought me more joy in my life than I could've ever imagined. I still pray and thank Coach Lombardi to this day because of how my life has changed since the day I visited his grave. This tattoo means much more than just winning a Super Bowl. It represents my journey, everyone who's supported me and my faith in God."

9. "The Philly Special"

A popular tattoo has been the "Philly Special" play design. The reverse throwback to Nick Foles on fourth-and-goal proved to be the defining moment of Super Bowl LII.

8. Radio host stays true to his word

Jon Marks, a sports radio drive-time host on 94.1 WIP in Philly, was one of the few who remained confident the Eagles could win the Super Bowl when Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL -- so much so that he put his body on the line.

"I was pissed at the fans after the Raiders game [late in the regular season] because everyone was saying the Eagles couldn't win with Foles," Marks said. "So for whatever reason, I said that they still could win the Super Bowl with Foles, and if they did, I'd get his face tattooed on my back."

And so he did.

7. Lip service

There's dedication, and then there's getting a tattoo on your inner lip that reads "Go Birds."

6. Bad-looking Eagle

Dig it.

5. Trolling Tom Brady

Some took as much joy in sticking it to the Patriots as they did in seeing their own team win.

4. Did we just become best friends?

A personal favorite: Wentz and Foles, for reasons unclear, donning sweater vests in a recreation of "Step Brothers."

3. Jason Kelce eating scrapple

The Eagles center did wonders for his Q rating by dressing up in a green Mummers outfit for the parade and delivering an impassioned, profanity-laced speech about underdogs on the Art Museum steps. Playing to the "underdog is a hungry dog" theme, here's Kelce downing some scrapple, a Philadelphia breakfast dish.

2. Super Bowl City

Just a cool design.

1. Corey Clement sets the bar

Days before catching a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, rookie running back Corey Clement was feeling so good about his squad that he booked an appointment with Czar to have an Eagles tattoo done.

"He hit me up before the Bowl and said, 'Let's plan for Wednesday after the Super Bowl.' And I was like, wow, this guy is really trying to get in because I knew how busy he would be," Czar said. "And once he told me it was an Eagle, I was wired. It was awesome."

He asked for "an Eagle ripping out of my arm" and ended up with one of the best tattoos to come out of the Super Bowl win.