On Kent Tekulve and nature of destiny

PHILADELPHIA – Things were a little goofy around the Eagles facility this week. Maybe it’s the holiday season – linebacker Connor Barwin was delivering bicycles to teammates on Thursday. Maybe it just means the Eagles are feeling loose.

Who knows? Maybe that spanking in Minnesota left them all a little loopy.

A few snapshots:

  • A week after quoting Winston Churchill, head coach Chip Kelly evoked another well-known statesman when asked about working on quarterback Nick Foles’ mechanics. “We're not changing the mechanics,” Kelly said. “We need to be more consistent. Nick can throw a football. Nick is very good at throwing a football. We're not bringing in Kent Tekulve, who’s a side-arm thrower and making him an over-the-top thrower, if that's your question.”

    Tekulve was a relief pitcher for 16 major-league seasons, including four with the Phillies. At 6-foot-4, he had good height for an NFL quarterback, but that distinctive throwing motion would have been a disaster unless your offense consisted entirely of shovel passes. Tekulve, now 66 and a Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster, last pitched in 1989.

    Churchill. Tekulve. One worried about German submarines, one threw submarine style.

  • Foles used to try to explain his lack of grace, shall we say, when sliding at the end of a run. He played basketball throughout high school, not baseball, it doesn’t come naturally to him, and so on.After a couple of pratfalls in Minnesota, Foles gave up on all that.

    “Hopefully everybody gets a chuckle out of it,” Foles said. “At least I’m bringing happiness and making people laugh. I look at it in a positive way.”

  • Running back LeSean McCoy needs 170 yards to break Wilbert Montgomery’s franchise record of 1,512 rushing yards in a season. Before he got just 38 yards on eight carries in Minnesota, it looked like McCoy would shatter the record this year.Now?

    “If it happens, it happens,” McCoy said. “One of these years, I’ll break it. That’s a guarantee.”

    To hear him talk this week, McCoy should have the record in his pocket by the third quarter against the Bears. He ran for 217 yards in a snowstorm against Detroit two weeks ago. The forecast for Sunday is a high near 70 with some possible rain showers.

    “It might be 300,” McCoy said. He further noted that when watching the Bears' run defense on film, he noted a tendency.

    “A lot of guys are gashing them,” McCoy said.

  • Professor Kelly begs to differ.When a reporter asked Kelly about the Eagles controlling their own playoff destiny, Kelly interrupted.

    “You know you can't control destiny?” Kelly said. “Destiny is a predetermined set of events, therefore if it's predetermined, you can't control it.”

    Heavy. Next week: The application of Marxian dialectics to the bubble screen.