Shady shaky on Seahawks' Sherman

PHILADELPHIA -- Honestly, your humble narrator was going to let this one pass without comment. LeSean McCoy is a lot of things, especially a hypertalented running back, but elder statesman is not one of them.

The guy who sported a boxing-style championship belt on the field after clinching the NFL rushing title has a problem with Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman? Are the pot and the kettle available for comment?

Asked on Sirius XM's "Evans and Phillips" show if he would want Sherman on his team, McCoy said, “Not in the locker room in Philadelphia, no. It’d be too much.”

Too much? This is the Eagles we’re talking about: the team that signed Michael Vick fresh out of prison and saw him develop into a leader, the team that weathered the Riley Cooper incident, the team that endured DeSean Jackson openly sulking through the 2011 season, the team that signed temperamental cornerback Cary Williams a couple months after he shoved an official in the Super Bowl.

Those Eagles could probably withstand an elite, playmaking cornerback whose crime against humanity was shouting into Erin Andrews’ microphone.

Jackson was asked about the Cooper incident on ESPN’s "First Take" Friday afternoon. He admitted that it took quite a while for him and other teammates to get past the racial slur that Cooper uttered on that notorious video recording.

“I’m not going to say I forgave him right away,” Jackson said. “I had to keep my distance from him (at first).”

The key, whether it was Cooper or Vick, was getting to know the individual and taking the mature view. Those are two things McCoy didn’t do when it came to Sherman. The guess here is that if they somehow wound up on the same team, McCoy would like Sherman just fine.