Roseman on WR market, drafting a QB

Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman talked to reporters at the scouting combine Thursday in Indianapolis. Some highlights:

  • Nothing is certain about the wide receiver situation, which "is complicated" by free agency for Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin and a deep draft.

    "You have guys on our roster that we drafted and who we like as players and who certainly fit into the chemistry of our football team," Roseman said. "You can only put a limited amount of resources at a particular position before it starts taking out from other places.

    "And then you've got to factor in the quality of depth in the draft and the opportunities possibly in the draft to get good players. For us, it's making sure we're making these decisions in calm times, because when you're negotiating contracts, you want to win. You want to get the player. We set prices for guys and we try to stick to those and have walkaway numbers.

    "I think the market is going to determine a lot of those things. It's hard to figure out the market until you're in it."

  • The emergence of Nick Foles in 2013 would not affect the Eagles' decision to draft a quarterback if they thought there was good value there.

    "We're about competition," Roseman said. "We're about increasing competition at every position. I don't think it's a slight at anyone on our football team. Everyone needs to be pushed a little bit. … It's not an indictment at anyone at one particular position.

    "We do have some really good players that are going to be starters when you look at our depth chart. But that doesn't mean they don't need to be pushed. We're talking about that at every spot. Let's increase the competition level, let's try to get better. Let's try to make a good player great, let's try to make a great player historic."

  • As for Foles, Roseman said this was a big offseason for the Eagles' starting quarterback.

    "It's almost like when you're a rookie pitcher in baseball," Roseman said. "When you go through the league the first time, you go through the lineups the first time – now people are going to spend the offseason studying you and studying your weaknesses.

    "The great part about Nick is he has a tremendous work ethic. He's got a tremendous amount of will to improve on the things that are his weaknesses. He knows he's got areas to improve on, too. When you looked at him from year one to year two, the big thing for him was his footwork and being able to drive the ball down the field. I think we all saw tremendous growth in that area.

    "I think we look for him to continue to improve. He's a young quarterback. He's 24 years old. He's in his second year in the league. He's going to continue to develop and get better."