Darren Sproles: 'It could get real crazy'

A few thoughts on Darren Sproles after signing his two-year contract extension Friday and then meeting with Philadelphia reporters:

1. He's clearly excited to be in Philadelphia's system, which by all accounts seems to fit him perfectly. He was able to accomplish quite a bit in New Orleans and it would be hard to match some of the numbers he posted in the past. But he doesn't have to be other than one of several weapons with the Eagles. He told the media Friday that, "I feel that it could get real crazy."

2. Sproles was not happy the Saints were going to trade him rather than release him. "I just wanted a choice," he said. "I didn't want them to put me on a team or wherever that really didn't fit me. That's why I wanted to be released, so I could really choose. ...When I heard it [was Philadelphia], I was just happy. They could have traded me somewhere where I didn't want to be. So I was real happy about it."

3. Sproles' two-year extension means the Eagles have just about every key player locked up for a few years, allowing them to build continuity with their attack. Here's a good look on Philly.com at when key Eagles become free agents. Quarterback Nick Foles is up after the 2015 season, and if he plays well would be expensive to re-sign. But he has the weapons to put up strong numbers to make a case for himself the next two seasons.

4. Defending this Eagles' attack will provide a headache for defensive coordinators the next few seasons.

5. The Eagles also now have the flexibility to perhaps make other trades and recoup some draft picks, stocking up in what is widely considered a deep year. That's a topic that the Philadelphia Daily News' Paul Domowitch examined. It makes sense, too. The Eagles do have options, too.

6. In New Orleans, Sproles at times drew the attention of two defenders, particularly when he went to the flat. That would leave others free to create a bigger seam for quarterback Drew Brees. With the other weapons on this offense, it's hard to imagine him getting that sort of attention too often. That could put him in more favorable positions. "I think it'll be fun," he said. "For me, watching [Chip Kelly] last year from a distance, they do a lot of good stuff, [create] a lot of space. So I like that."

7. Sproles knows where he likes to be used: "Anywhere in space."