Chip Kelly addresses Sanchez, QB depth

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Among the many topics touched on by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly during Wednesday’s NFC coaches breakfast was the team’s quarterback depth chart. Along those lines, Kelly acknowledged the club’s interest in free-agent Mark Sanchez.

“Obviously we lost Mike [Vick], so we’re always trying to look in that backup position behind Nick [Foles] in terms of what we can do to bolster it, whether it’s through free agency with whose still available now, or through the draft,” Kelly said. “We’ll see where we go. It’s a position of need for us. We played three quarterbacks last year. I don’t think you can look at your roster and ever say, ‘Hey, we’re good at quarterback.’ I think you always have to look at that position as the key position in this game. It’s something we’re always going to look at it.”

Specific to Sanchez, Kelly said, “I think Mark is a very, very good athlete. He’s started 60-some-odd games in this league. He has great experience. There are a lot of positive qualities to him.”

The Eagles currently have Foles, Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne on the quarterback depth chart.