Eagles' LeSean McCoy has room to grow

LeSean McCoy's fifth season in the NFL was clearly his best.

What’s scary is this: McCoy can get even better.

McCoy led the league with 314 rushing attempts and in rushing yards with 1,607, while running for nine touchdowns. With one of the top offensive lines in the league leading the way, McCoy became arguably the most valuable player on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Since the Eagles were eliminated by the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs, McCoy hasn’t had much down time.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I want to be more explosive and in better shape," McCoy told FOXSports.com. "I want to take over more games in the fourth quarter, whether if it’s in the air or on the ground, it’s about being productive and effective at all times. I do a lot of one-on-one things: one-legged squats, one-legged hops, one-legged jumps. Those kinds of things will help me be more explosive."

Having the freedom under coach Chip Kelly has also been beneficial to McCoy’s rise as one of the top running backs in the NFL.

“He really lets you be yourself,” McCoy told FOXSports.com. “The biggest thing I like about him is he’s always trying to find ways to make us better, whether it’s recovery, the training loads. He’ll do whatever it takes to make the athlete better. That’s what I love about him. He’s always trying to make us better.”

The addition of Darren Sproles should alleviate some of the extra-heavy workload on McCoy.

That can only be a bonus.

McCoy has 1,149 rushing attempts for 5,473 yards and 39 touchdowns in his first five seasons.

If the Eagles can cut back on McCoy’s carries, imagine how fresh he might be come playoff time. It has to be an enticing possibility for Super Bowl-starved Eagles fans.