Year 2 under Kelly could be even better

The Philadelphia Eagles had to be considered one of the bigger surprises in the NFL last season on their way to a 10-6 record and an NFC East title in coach Chip Kelly's first season.

Can the Eagles repeat the feat in Kelly's second season?

"I think the Eagles are still the best team in this division,” NFL analyst Brian Baldinger told NFL.com in a video. "I think the defense got better through free agency. I think they are still going to lead the league in rushing. They still have the best running back [LeSean McCoy] in the league.”

Baldinger is a big believer in Kelly's offense, which must overcome the loss of wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

"I always say this about any young player,” Baldinger told NFL.com. "The greatest growth you make is between your first year and your second year. I think it's the same thing for Chip Kelly. I think Chip in Year 1 was a good year, but I think this offseason, there is going to be a lot of growth in that offense.”

The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Washington Redskins -- who added Jackson -- all added pieces to their rosters since last season, just as the Eagles have.

Games are won and lost on the field, however, and not on paper.

Judging by Kelly's initial season, expectations are likely to be higher for 2014 and beyond. Whether that's good enough to result in another NFC East title will be another story.

Following the season, Kelly cited chemistry as the thing that most excited him about the team’s future.

“I think how our staff and our players interact and how receptive these guys are,” Kelly said. “The only thing that's disappointing is we're still not playing right now, because it's an exciting group to be around. There's an energy around this group of guys, and that's hopefully in Year 1 -- if this is what we can do, we can learn to build upon this.”