McCoy on Jackson release: 'It's a surprise'

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy hosted a youth football camp at Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, N.J., and discussed a variety of topics with area reporters on Saturday.

Here are the highlights of what McCoy spoke about:

  • On the loss of DeSean Jackson: "I mean, it’s a surprise for sure. I think anyone that tells you that they’re happy with it is … I don’t know how honest that would be.”

  • More on the move to release Jackson: "DeSean was by far one of the best playmakers in the game and the biggest deep threat there is in the game. So some big shoes to fill for sure. But then again, I think the front office obviously knows what they’re doing. You make a move like that, you obviously have something up your sleeve, you know you can get something that’s similar or even better.”

  • On the team’s plan moving forward: "I wish I knew. I’m sure (GM) Howie (Roseman) and the guys have something up their sleeve, and they make a move like that, they obviously know something. And I have trust in them. I think the team they put together so far with bringing in (Darren) Sproles and making different moves and signing guys, they know what they’re doing. I just think with losing DeSean there’s definitely some shoes to fill.”

  • On Eagles coach Chip Kelly: "Chip is different. He’s a cool guy, he’s honest, he loves hard work and (being) respectful. We have a great relationship. I think people are getting the wrong picture because he cut one of his best players. That was a decision he made. As far as personality-wise, Chip, he does well with everybody.”