Kelce has come a long way since 2011 draft

Jason Kelce recently signed a seven-year contract that will keep him with the Philadelphia Eagles until 2020.

Not that long ago, Kelce was just hoping to be selected in the draft.

The former standout at the University of Cincinnati wasn't taken until the 191st overall pick by the Eagles in the 2011 draft. Since then, the center has worked like crazy to become one of the most dependable and talented offensive linemen in the league.

Looking back, Kelce has fond memories of the '11 draft and everything that led up to it.

"Going into the draft I thought there were really three teams that really valued me high enough to draft me, somewhere in the 4-7th (round) range, and the Eagles were certainly one of them,” Kelce told Philadelphiaeagles.com. "I mean I would have liked to go higher, that would have been nicer, but it ended up working out really, really well. Leading up to the process, you're always put up in a hotel, you're working out, you're training, you're trying to get ready for the combine, your pro day, meeting with coaches. I would say it's a fun time. It was exciting for me because you're getting ready to go to an environment that is unknown and something you've aspired to do your entire life and then the draft is really the culmination of all of that emotion is happening in one split second.”

After suffering a serious injury in Week 2 in '12, Kelce came back to start all 16 games last season. He also won the team's Ed Block Courage Award.

The result was a lengthy contract extension.

Kelce thrived under coach Chip Kelly and anchored one of the top offensive lines in the league. The Eagles set a team record with 442 points scored and 6,676 total yards.